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If you need a female Personal Trainer in Tempe Arizona or you want to quickly burn fat and tone muscles, Kelly Athletics is the fitness studio for you. Kelly creates customized personal training programs that get women the results they want! If you are a busy stay at home mom (SAHM) or a working business woman, you'll love training with Kelly! She teaches East Valley moms and women how to utilize bodyweight and free weights to reach personal fitness goals. Kelly loves to educate women about plant based nutrition for a healthier lifestyle and to achieve optimal fat loss, especially stubborn belly fat! She incorporates corrective exercises to help you get fit, while improving any muscle imbalance our sports injury. Best of all, Kelly Athletics offers a judgement-free gym atmosphere.  I will be accomodating to your unique needs.

Top Fitness Trainer of the East Valley

Kelly Gibson

For two years, Kelly has been a Personal Trainer for women & Plant Based Nutrition Coach in Tempe for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. During this time, Kelly has helped some of the most successful fitness & nutrition clients accomplish their goals with personalized diet & exercise programs for fat loss, muscle gain, stronger muscles, or improved balance. With a conveniently located Fitness Studio in the East Valley (near Kiwanis park), Kelly Athletics has a central location to Tempe, Chandler, East Mesa, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix, or Old Town Scottsdale. Kelly has been so determined to help women get fit that she developed affordable Personal Training packages & cheap Nutrition programs that include a free sample meal plan. Learn how Kelly lost 85 pounds with post-natal exercise, which inspired her to open her fitness & nutrition business. Read about My Weight Loss Journey. 


1-on-1 Personal Training

Are you tired of working out in a crowded gym, using boring exercise machines, and not getting the fitness results you want? Are you looking for a Personal Trainer for women who understands your busy schedule and considers your personal fitness needs? Kelly is a female personal trainer for moms and business women who prefer to work out in a private fitness studio. Kelly is better than the typical gym trainer as she teaches proper exercise technique, improves muscular endurance and pushes clients to their limits. Kelly Athletics has the best personal training program to get you motivated, keep you accountable, and help you lose weight fast. Get Fit with a 1-on-1 Personal Training Program!

Small Group Personal Training

Are you interested in Personal Training for women on a low budget? Do you need a workout partner or want to exercise in small groups or boot camps? If so, Small Group Training is a great solution for busy moms and business women. With small groups of 2-3 women, you will have fun, make friends, and still get personalized attention similar to one-on-one training. The greatest benefit of all is that you get high quality personal training in the east valley for cheap prices. Learn more about our discounted fitness programs. Join a Small Group Training Class!

Plant Based Nutrition Coaching

Do you follow current diet trends and curious about which weight loss supplements, protein shakes, or bodybuilding supplements work the best? Hiring a Nutritionist or Dietitian might not be affordable. Try my services! I am a female Nutrition Coach in Tempe who can provide a wide variety of nutrition lessons tailored to you. As a Vegan Personal Trainer, I am educated on plant-based diets and can help you create a well-balanced meal plan for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free nutrition. Nutrition Coaching can teach you new habits and diet tricks to guide you toward a healthy diet and lifestyle. Get Healthy with Plant Based Nutrition!

On The Go Fitness Training | Online Trainer

Are you a busy mom or business woman that struggles with a set workout schedule? Do you prefer to work out with an in-home trainer or on your own at home? Are you a self-starter who doesn't necessarily need a fitness trainer but wants a written workout plan? On-The-Go Fitness at Kelly Athletics is perfect for you. With an Online Personal Trainer, you can bring your workouts with you anywhere you go. If this sounds good to you, request a free personal training demo. Try Virtual Training Online!


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